Pro Champion® MMA Beginner Grappling Gloves

Art #: MMA-PC-MG-009


  • Flexible gloves for grappling beginners, the Beginner Grappling Gloves from Pro Champion are bursting with a tech delivering high quality, high performance for those starting their combat sports journey.
  • Ultralight shock-absorbing foam, coupled with high-quality synthetic leather lets you punch through your barriers to reveal a stronger you.
  • Super durable and easy to clean, the engineered leather construction makes them kit bag essential. They’re long-lasting but comfortable for use in your mixed martial art training.
  • The EVA foam padding is shaped to follow the curve of a fist, helping you to maintain the ideal hand position, reducing the risk of injury. Equally, the shock-absorbing foam deals with the effects of impact, minimizing the effect on your hand.
  • you can customize this product in your own way. To maintain the quality we always use the quality material to keep the product best in your choice.
    and also you can do:
  • Private labeling.
  • Customization.
  • Your requested idea
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